How to Build Relationships in Multicultural Settings

When it comes to building relationships, we all go about it very differently.


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For many of us, relationship happens through conversation.Β Do you remember the last really good conversation you had with someone? It’s no coincidence that that person is most likely someone you would consider a friend – either that or you’re really good at making conversation with strangers!

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How Culture Impacts the Way We Are Raised

What was your childhood like?

No doubt this question can provoke a wide range of emotions and memories, depending on what you experienced as a child.Β 


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During our formative years, our parents have the greatest amount of influence in our lives. We are dependent on them to dress us, feed us, and sometimes just keep us from hurting ourselves! But as children, what we don’t realize is that we’re not merely offspring of our parents.Β We’re also offspring of the culture into which we were born.

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Why We Love Convenience, and Why It Might Not Be the Best

Convenience is something we all enjoy.

Instant noodles. High-speed wireless internet. Short commuting distances. We like all of these things because they make our lives a little bit easier.

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Though we might not realize it, this pursuit of convenience is deeply engrained in all of us. So much, in fact, that we will often base our decisions on whether or not it is “convenient” for us. Why do we love convenience so much?

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