Using Local Currency in a Foreign Country

Planning on traveling or living abroad? Then get your calculator out (or start reviewing your third grade math homework), because it’s time to use foreign currency!


Photo courtesy of dcmaster via Compfight cc

Using the local currency is one of my favorite things about visiting other countries. Maybe it’s because I don’t handle cash a lot in my home country, or maybe it’s simply because I enjoy getting to see the country’s culture reflected in their currency. When I was a kid, I also enjoyed collecting stamps from foreign countries, so maybe I just have a weird fascination with foreign things in general!

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What It’s Like Being a Foreign University Student

Now that summer is officially over, I find myself back in the same place as university students all over the world – the classroom.


The two textbooks I’m going through this semester.

Five years ago, I officially graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree. At that point, I figured my academic career was over. I could check “attend university”¬†off my list of Things Every Normal Person Should Do.

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